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We are a non-governmental organization located in the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala that works for the vindication of the rights of women and children.

We offer support and services to women and their children in situations of personal difficulty and social risk. We have the only shelter in Guatemala for abused women and their children, and offer various other programs focused on the health and overall personal development of Guatemalan women and children. As our name suggests, our overall goal is to bring new and brighter horizons to the lives of women, children, families and communities in Guatemala.

We hope that you find our site helpful, whether you are looking for help, information, resources, opportunities for volunteer work, or other ways to support us in our work. You can continue navigating our site using the navigation bar above.

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A welcoming few words

For a More Just and Equitable Society

We orient our hopes toward the vindication of the rights of women and children, and develop processes that aim for the search for equity between men and women, in order to achieve a form of social development that allows both to satisfy their needs and interests as well as development their capacities as human beings that find themselves immersed in a society determined by learned gender stereotypes. These stereotypes are the principal factors that relegate us to rights to which we don’t have access and to the obligation to continue working so that one day, together, we can unite our strengths, capabilities and interests so that our children can enjoy a more just society, so that we can create spaces for the women and men who promote just and viable alternatives to their development without affecting their identities as persons.

This website gives us the opportunity to present information on the internet about our work, work that involves the arduous efforts of individuals, professionals, and national and international organizations that have left their mark so that we can make our objectives a reality. I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for their perseverance and support of the realization of our purpose whose primary interest is unity between men and women and respect for our rights. I invite you all, women and men, to continue united in the diversity of our battles and interests for the development of Guatemala women and children.

Licda. Lilian Wug
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